Happy birthday my wild one !


Oh, where to begin my little one…

Well, it’s been a crazy year, to say the least. So many changes came with your arrival my baby boy. First came the move back home, and then came the move to our home, Kyra’s first year of school and most importantly YOU! And what to say about you? It’s no coincidence your name has so many beautiful meanings; rejoice, happy, warrior, king of kings and the list goes on…you are all that and so sooo much more.

When I had Kyra, I thought it would end there, that I could only love her that much and whoever came after her, I would love, but definitely not as much. I was so sure that my heart couldn’t love two kids equally, that surely I would always have a soft spot for Kyra. I was assured over and over again by moms of 2 or more, that this would not be the case. I didn’t believe them. And then you came along.

The day you were born was a day I will never forget. The moment I held you in my arms, I fell in love. Funny enough, this time around, it hit me way faster than when Kyra was born. With Kyra, the fear of being a new mom and anxiety about how I would handle it all interfered with the “love at first sight” feeling. I adored her from the minute she was born, but had a lot on my mind at the same time. With you, I knew what to expect, I was a mom already, and you were just reaffirming my mommy-hood .

Sure there were some things to worry about, like how your sister would react to your presence, how to raise you both to love each other deeply and be there for each other for the rest of your lives, but your affection towards each other has been there since day one, despite the jealous episodes every once in a while.

On this day my sweet boy, I want to tell you that I love you…actually love you doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel for you. You are the sun that brightens up my day, you’re a breath of fresh air when I feel I can’t breathe, your laugh is contagious, your hugs and kisses delicious, and I can’t even imagine how my life would be without you my love.

PHOTO-2018-11-03-18-20-24 3

Today, you’re ONE…it feels like I just slept and woke up and an entire year has gone by. Like it was only yesterday that I was at the hospital, kissing your wrinkly face and hands, still in awe of what had just happened. Today, I’m the most tired I’ve ever been, the most sleep-deprived I could ever be, but the happiest as well. And though the nights are oh so long, I know that I will sleep and wake up again, and find you both all grown up, way too big to fit in my bed or my lap, and not needing me to cuddle or nurse you back to sleep.

So, for now I’ll be enjoying this, and holding you tight for as long as I can, and wish you a very happy birthday and a life full of health, happiness and all the love in the world. ❤

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