To my Kyra…my first but apparently not my last!

How do I tell you my love, that you won’t be my only baby anymore? How do I tell you that a piece of my heart will go to another along with you? How do I tell you that our alone time together will come to an end soon, and you my baby, who dislikes sharing me so much, will have to share me 24/7?

And how do I explain to you, that no one could ever replace you? That you will always be my first baby, my most special baby? How do I explain to you that I will not love you any less?

And how do I tell myself that my heart can love another the way I love you? How do I tell myself that it will be ok? That I’m not the first mother to have more than one? That I will not lose what I have with you by having another baby?

I am way more scared than you are…I am way sadder than you will be…but I know that one day, all of these feelings will be a thing of the past. That one day, you will be happy to have a best friend for life…that one day I will look at the two of you playing and realize that this was a good thing.

Years from now when you read this, I hope you know that we did this for you, more than for ourselves. We would’ve been ok just having you…But we wanted you to have someone to go through life with other than us, and that no matter what you will never EVER be replaced. There will never be another Kyra for both daddy and I, there is only one you my love.

I hope that you will take it well, I’m terrified that you won’t, I know how jealous you can be! But I also know how affectionate you are, and I pray to God that your kindness will exceed your BIG, BIG “toddler personality”.

And to you my little peanut #2, I promise I will do my best to give you as much as I’ve given your big sister. I don’t know how it can be possible to love 2 babies the same, but everyone keeps telling me that it will happen the minute you arrive, so I am sure I will love you just the same.

A new adventure is about to begin for us all, let’s hope I won’t screw you both up!

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