You’re with the angels now…RIP Adriana

I couldn’t bring myself to write anything about you

maybe then it wouldn’t be true.

But when I saw your mom today, I couldn’t come up with anything to say,
after all what can be said to take the enormous pain away?

Sweet baby girl, sweet Adriana, I only know you through your mother’s eyes & know the inspiration you have given her to give to so many mothers…

I had the honor to know “of you”, I can only imagine what it would have been to know you…

Unfortunately after such a tragedy no one can move on, people simply go on with a piece of you in their hearts, a memory of your smile and sparkly little eyes…

My dearest Yasmina, no words anyone will say can ever comfort you

I really wish there was a way to take that pain away from you…

Your sweet little Nana isn’t gone, she’s right there in your heart

And being the woman that you are, for her you will go on…

My every thought and every prayer goes out to you and Dany…I really pray with all my heart that God will give you the strength to take it day by day…

Gone too soon baby girl…you’re with the angels now


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