My Biggest New Year’s Resolution!!!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been hearing people talk about their New Year’s resolutions, how they are positive that the coming year will be different for them & how they plan to make big changes in their lives on the 1st of January of each year. I’ve always considered it to be pointless honestly & never even bothered, this year however is different for me. It’s not exactly a New Year’s resolution as I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, it just sort of coincided with the start of the year & I thought I’d share it with you guys.

After many years of regretting & wishing I had done things differently almost a decade ago, I have finally decided to go back to college & get my BA. Most of you might not know this about me & it might come as a shock to many people, but I actually never completed my university & didn’t get my BA at the time for several reasons. Today at the age of 31 I have decided that I will not spend my life regretting something that I can change, I will go back to school & try my best to accomplish what I failed to do years ago (wish me luck) :)!

The only advantage of going back to school at a later stage in life though is that you know what you are passionate about, capable of, & what you would like to invest your time & energy in. So after realizing what my real passion was, I decided to apply to an “Interior Architecture” program, & pending the university’s approval, I thought I’d share with you a glimpse of my passion for it by posting the DIY to my house makeover. The project took place over the summer, & these are the pictures I included in my application portfolio for the university. So here goes…



I had a big empty wall that was in dire need of shelves with some decorative items, and shelves around the television to hide the ugly TV cables. I also needed a few side tables and a coffee table that was at a high enough level for me not to bend down as the one we owned prior to me making this one, was terrible for my back, super heavy and very unpractical to move around. As our living space is rather big, and we have a 2 year old running around, I decided to go with darker colors for the fabric (even though I personally wanted a light colored modern rustic living space) so I found two shades of burgundy and blue that would complement the olive green painted wall I had as I did not have the time to repaint the space. And so with the help of a couple of friends, went about giving the house a makeover. The following pictures and comments will hopefully explain the design process and execution.

Step 1: Upholstery

  • Solid colored fabric for the couches: burgundy for the solitary 3-seater we own and blue for the other set of couches
  • Patterned fabric, mustard yellow and green (colors found in the prints) to go with the solid colored ones for throw pillows
  • Bought 2 old used sofas and had them upholstered with the London printed patchwork fabric
  • Using remaining fabric scraps, had 2 large double-sided pillows made for the floor (solid color on one side and print on the other)


Step 2: Wall Shelves

  • Custom ordered metal plumbing pipes with bases and caps. Drilled 3 holes in the bases, assembled them together, sanded and spray painted black
  • Construction planks of pine wood, cut to size (different sizes) and sanded
  • Stained the wood using 2 different colors (oak and walnut), lightly sanded then applied matte varnish to get the desired effect


Step 3: Side Tables

  • Recycled old wine crates into side tables
  • Used pallet wood for the legs
  • With an electric jigsaw cut out the base of the wine crates to pass the pallet boards through the bottom of the crate
  • Screwed all the wood together
  • Sanded and stained at a later stage to match the remaining wood


Step 4: Coffee Table

  • With the same pipes and wood used for the shelves, assembled a simple coffee table with swiveling wheels
  • Secured the planks together using pallet scrap wood
  • Measured the height to be slightly above couch level for additional comfort
  • The wheels allow us to move the table around when needed with minimal effortIMG_3137.JPG

Step 5 : Giant Wall Clock

  • Salvaged old pallets, took them apart and used the best planks to make a giant 1meter diameter clock
  • Drew the circle & cut it with a small electric saw
  • Screwed 2 pallet planks on the back of the clock to hold all the wood together
  • Sanded the wood
  • Used a clock mechanism from a dollar store clock
  • Used a router to carve out some of the pallet wood & insert the clock mechanism
  • After prepping the wood, I took measurements and outlined the clock design
  • Painted the clock white, lightly sanding to distress it
  • Drew on the roman numerals and remaining elements on the clock

Step 6: Old door – wall display

  • Reclaimed 100 year old doors, burnt and scraped off the paint
  • Painted them white, sanded them to give them a distressed look & drew the design


Step 8: Living room ceiling lamp

  • Using one of the wooden planks and a router, made holes for the lamp sockets
  • With a drill, screwed the mason jar lids to the wood board and pushed the sockets through
  • Screwed the bulbs into the sockets then screwed the glass jars into the lids and hung the light fixture with black spray painted metal chains to the ceiling

ceiling light.png

Step 9: Paintings & wall art

  • Bought different sized canvases
  • Downloaded and printed several vintage posters and paintings (good resolution)
  • Transferred the prints onto the canvases making various models & sizes for the wall
  • On the remaining canvases, wrote different quotes
  • Arranged the paintings & hung them on a wall, leaving some for the shelves

Step 10: Bottle lamps

  • Gathered a few empty liquor bottles, bought some matching shades & with the help of Carlo they were done! And VOILA, let there be light !


Step 1: Dining table & chairs

  • Bought a cheap second hand pallet table & bench, sanded them & stained them to match the living room wood color
  • Bought 10 vintage looking wooden chairs also sanded & stained to match the remaining wood

Step 7 : Dining room chandelier & wall display

  • Salvaged an old unused brass chandelier, took it apart, cleaned it and sanded it lightly and spray painted it a deep red then rewired it with Carlo’s help
  • Recovered old wooden arches, sanded them down, repainted them and hung them on the wall behind the dining table


The following pictures are that of the finished product, even though in some pictures the light fixtures and curtains were installed at a later stage.



Special Thanks:
Carlo Derohannesian
Nancy Jindy
Hadi Melki
Abed Kahwaji (upholstery, curtains, etc.)

I can’t thank you enough my amazingggg friends, Nancy & Carlo, I couldn’t have done it without you guys & I’ll never ever forget the funnest summer I had working on this with the 2 of you. Also Hadi, thanks a million for helping out as well & the coolest bottles you got me from the pub that are now my lamps 😀  

Sorry for the long post, good thing it’s mostly pictures 😛 Stay tuned for our next big news, will reveal another surprise soonnnn ! ❤




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