One Year of Us…My Happy Blog-versary

She’s grown that much & so have we…Happy Blog-versary Chrysandkyra

WOOHOOOOO ONE YEARRRRR! It’s been a year since this all started! ONE YEAR, since Chrysandkyra was launched out of nothing, out of chatting about it with a friend (thank you Mirna El Sabbagh), out of being bored some nights while baby slept, out of wanting to share my hopes, fears, dreams, successes, failures & out of wanting to keep a diary for my Kyra to read in the future.

The first time I clicked that publish button, my heart was pounding & my hands shaking, my palms sweaty & my mouth dry. I had put my heart out there & I didn’t know how people would react to it. They could like it or hate it, laugh at it or ignore it, I had no way to tell & no idea as to what the future would hold for me & my blog…

One year later, Chrysandkyra is still going…even though I’ve had periods of silence, some writer’s block, dealt with personal gains & losses that wouldn’t always leave room for any inspiration to write, but so far I’m thankful I haven’t given up & mostly thankful to you my readers, who haven’t given up on me. As I have a history of losing interest quickly, being awfully moody, & switching from one thing to the next, I still love my Chrysandkyra as much as I did the first day & just as much as I adore my little Kyra.

So here’s to a new year of blogging, I hope you guys stick around & enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing for you. To my little muse, you are one year older than you were once all this started, giving me far less time to share our memories as we are too busy making them, but thank you for being the inspiration to it all. To my little muse’s daddy, I love you more than anything & can’t thank you enough for always supporting my crazy ideas & projects(even if they don’t often lead to much).

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