Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2016

Sunday August 7th 2016, marked the end of the “World Breastfeeding Week”, however were a bit preoccupied with the launching of our National Breastfeeding Campaign that took place today so I’m sorry for the delay 🙂 This week is of great importance to the breastfeeding community on so many levels, and to me personally holds a lot of sentimental value. This day means a lot to me, to my daughter & to our little family, which is why, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the unsung heroes of the breastfeeding relationship. The ones who don’t seem to have an active role in feeding the baby most of the times, but who’s presence, support & encouragement is in fact vital to all of us breastfeeding moms.



Today, I’d like to thank the daddies. Khalil Aswad, you have been a key player in our journey for the past 19 months & without you I don’t think I would’ve lasted 19 days. When we started out, there were times when you questioned our decision, when you worried about me nursing in public, about what our friends & families would think of our lifestyle & how we would have to deal with it. But with every passing day, the more confident you became, the more confident it made me. With every passing day, I saw the certainty & conviction in your eyes, the faith in my mothering Kyra & the belief that this was best for her.

But although seeing this in you was more than enough to please me, I got even more than what I had hoped for. I remember the time you had expressed your concerns about me nursing Kyra past 12 months & how sad I felt thinking that if I was unable to wean her then, you might not be supportive. But you surprised me yet again with time, by not only encouraging me to let Kyra self wean, but also to view breastfeeding the way I did & I couldn’t be happier today of how NORMAL breastfeeding has become to you. How you understand that breast milk is actually baby’s normal food & feel absolutely no shame, in fact, are PROUD to declare that your 19 months old toddler is still breastfed.

The day you told a friend of ours that “breastfeeding doesn’t really feel difficult for us, it’s just a normal part of our lives & has made our lives a lot easier” I think my heart skipped a couple beats, not because you stood up for breastfeeding or for me (which I of course greatly appreciate), but because this showed that you had become a TRUE supporter of the cause.

And even though I could go on forever about how many times you have been the wind beneath my wings on this journey, I would simply like to thank you for being my co pilot on this ride…To thank you for putting all selfishness aside & ALWAYS putting Kyra & me first. To thank you for allowing me to enjoy this beautiful bond & the joys of raising this tiny human being the way I aspire to. If your daughter, of whom you are so immensely proud, is the way she is today, it’s thanks to you daddy. It’s thanks to your sacrifices, understanding, affection & support & we are both very lucky to have you in our lives.

So, to all the daddies out there who feel like their encouragement & understanding doesn’t really matter…think again! You are the ones whose opinion we value & trust above all others & whose support we truly rely on. Happy “World Breastfeeding Week” to us all, may this year be about NORMALIZING breastfeeding rather than it being portrayed as a new fad or an act of defiance, after all breast milk is nothing but milk really…it’s just normal baby milk.

BF infographic.jpg


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