What Would You Teach Your Kids?

Having a kid these days has become a huge responsibility. It used to be easier way back when, before Ipads and Iphones, activities & play dates, before life became what it is. One might argue that school has also added to the mix, very long ago homeschooling was the only way to go, but now we have big fancy schools, with big pricey tuitions according to their big “respectable” reputations.

But looking beyond the financial aspect of things, when I think of parenthood, it seems that the hardest part of having kids is raising them in our immoral society. How do you teach your kids to have morals when society has none? How do you teach them to be honest when most people around them lie as they breathe?


Just recently, in my hometown, I had the honor of helping my dad with municipal elections, & although we didn’t win, I take a lot of pride in what we did as it was a revolutionary movement within our small town. The disappointment however did not come with the loss, but rather with the people of our village. I was faced with the harsh reality, that people lie…A LOT! And it’s not your average white lie, like telling your mom you came home at midnight when you actually sneaked in at 2am, but they outright lie to your face, with a broad smile & fervent handshake to boot.


Add to the lies the fact that people are actually very materialistic & have come to care less about the big picture but care more about their own personal interests & you’ve got zero morals & an egotistical society heading to the point of no return.


So now what do I do? Do I teach my Kyra to be kind, honest, true to herself? Do I teach her to always stand her ground, even if she’s standing all alone with everybody on the other side? To have values & morals to live by no matter what? Or do I teach her to lie, steal, cheat & sell out because it’s the only way to survive in such a corrupt society?

My father, the man I owe most of my personality to today (whether he likes it or not), always taught me to be true. To be honest even if it would cost me a great deal, to take the high road even if it’s the loneliest of roads & to fear judgment day regardless of what God I believed in. To fight for what I believe in & fight hard & if he has not said these things to me directly he has always, ALWAYS led by example.

Now that I’m 31, I find it hard to change who I am, I have become more stubborn at times, but also more lenient at others. More rebellious in some situations, but also wiser in others, & this, my little monkey has taught me as well as life. So after brewing all of this in my mind & thinking about my most important job in life, I chose this:

I chose to teach her to be honest

I chose to teach her to be kind

I chose to teach her to have values & morals

I chose to teach her to fight for what’s right

And even if this may be the wrong thing to do, what really matters is that maybe, if our children are raised that way, there will be hope for good to overcome evil in this world.

Knowing all of that…what would you teach your kids?

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