My Top 11 Tips For Traveling with a Toddler


Yayyy we’re home for the summerrrr!!! This also means that this time I had to travel with a toddler!!! Now a while back I wrote a post on “My top 11 tips for traveling with a baby”…remember that one? Yeah, well I think I was kind of clueless back then. Right now I feel really, really, reallyyy stupid as I scroll down that list. I hope you guys can forgive my ignorance, as I was at that point still the mother of a BABY, I am today however the mother of a TODDLER: a walking, running, talking, screaming, tantrum throwing, no-napping toddler! And that my friends, is a totally different ball game, so here is my revised article with “My top 11 tips for traveling with a baby toddler”

thumb_IMG_2517_1024She looks so angelic doesn’t she? Haha we had just arrived to the airport…

  1. Don’t do it! If you can avoid taking a trip until your kid is 18 years old & or until they can handle traveling without you, by all means…stay home!!!
  2. If you absolutely haveeee to do it? Take daddy + grandma + grandpa + uncle + aunt + cousins + all of your extended family with you to keep your toddler busy.
  3. Book an evening flight & take some Valium pills. Yeah for the baby not you, they are absolute angels in their sleep ❤ ❤ ❤
  4. Sneak in some booze (for yourself), in your kid’s straw cup. Just so no one sees you getting drunk with a toddler under your care. Child Protection Services anyone?
  5. Don’t take anything! Why go through the hassle of weighing bags & having the nice lady at the counter argue with you because of 97grams of extra weight? Well aside from your kid of course, diapers, passports, phone & purse is all you need, I would strongly advise you to have everything shipped to your destination ahead of time.
  6. Set the plane on fire. If you can find a way to start a small fire on that plane, you might be lucky enough to have your flight cancelled & so hopefully the entire family will accompany you next time.
  7. Pretend you don’t know that baby. Once on the plane, just pretend it’s not your kid, hopefully the hostesses will babysit & you can text your parents to pick him or her up from airport authorities.
  8. Lock yourself in the bathroom for the entire trip. Well, if you fake being sick, I guess the crew will have no choice but to babysit for you.
  9. Lock baby up in the bathroom. Well, I know, I know it may sound cruel but I mean, in case they make you come out, you’ve gotta do something right? Plus maybe they won’t hear him/her with all that engine rumbling?
  10. FINAL warning, DO NOT do it. Traveling with a toddler I can safely say is the equivalent of 48 hours of Chinese torture & I strongly advise you to avoid it at all cost.
  11. Last but not least…BE NEGATIVE! If you are the type to worry about the tiniest of details, by all means go ahead. Don’t expect for things to go just fine, if something happens it’s definitely NOT for a reason & keep in mind that a lot of times I have no clue what the hell I’m talking about loll.

 The information and views set out in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the website (unless they have actually traveled with toddlers, in which case I would imagine they completely agree).

Just kidding 😛 it wasn’t thatttttt bad…wellllll, maybe, kind of, just a bit haha.

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