DIY Palm Sunday Candles with Pictures

Palm Sunday is tomorrow everywhere, except in Dubai, where it becomes Palm Friday & although Dubai is like the shopping capital of the Arab world, the only thing I couldn’t manage to find was a long, squared candle so that I could decorate it. Those who know me well, know I loveeee crafting, & I like to do a lot of things myself when it comes to events, so this is no different. Last year, with a newborn & no supplies, I made a meager attempt to decorate a candle for Kyra, but this year with more time & equipment I decided to make her a proper Palm’s Sunday (or Friday) candle.


This year, I made 2 cause we will be in Lebanon for the Orthodox holidays. If it’s too late for you to do it this year, you can give it a try next year, so for all of you crafty mamas out there, here’s what I did:

Materials needed: 

  • Old pot
  • Big glass jar or bottle (any mason jar will do)
  • Cardboard
  • 100% cotton thread (for the wick)
  • Wick metal base (you can reuse it from any tea light candle)
  • Wide thick adhesive tape
  • Wood stick (can be found in crafting sections)
  • 1 metal cookie cutter (or metal thingy that goes on top of your stove grate).
  • Wax: we bought a 100 pack of tealight candles, then 30 regular candles & small scented red wax cubes. The quantity depends on the size of your candle.
  • Precision knife (aka cutter or x-acto knife)
  • Plastic water bottle
  • 1 wooden barbecue skewer
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative ribbons & items
  • Scissors

Note: tea light candles will give you more of a translucent candle, if you would like a more solid white color, use regular white candles.


  • Buy wax: we used 20 white candles & 3/4 of a  small red wax cube to make the candle pink. You can get any color cubes or keep the candle white & you can buy wax shavings if you can find them.
  • Make a mold: after several ideas gone wrong & watching lots of tutorials, we came up with a cardboard mold by rolling cardboard several times around a square wood stick then wrapping it tightly with tape several times over.


  • Make your wick: insert cotton thread in metal base & tighten with metal pliers (if you don’t have one tie a knot at the end of the thread)
  • Make your mold base: take a square piece of cardboard, shape it around the end of the mold & prick a hole for the wick base.
  • Insert wick in the base & then the hollow mold.


  • Secure base to mold with tape several times. If you skip this step the wax will seep out the bottom.
  • Cut the top of an empty water bottle & place your mold inside.


  • Make a cardboard funnel if using a big glass jar (roll paper into funnel shape & tape it)
  • Fill your old pot with hot water & turn the heat setting of your stove to low
  • Place the cookie cutter in the pot (or the stove metal thingies)


  • Place your glass jar or bottle full of wax on the cookie cutter




  • Keep an eye on the wax, it is dangerous to leave it unattended
  • Once the candles have melted, remove the wicks & turn off the gas.
  • Let it cool slightly before transferring to mold.
  • Secure the wick by rolling it on the skewer a couple times & center it on top of your mold or tie it like I did.


  • The wax will drop down as it cools, keep some extra melted wax to add to the candle, the melted wax will stay that way for a while so reheat it every so often if needed.
  • Let it dry overnight (we tried to speed up the process with ice water & placing it in the fridge which resulted in cracks).
  • Cut out your mold carefully.


  • Decorate to your liking.



Note: Daddy helped a lot in the actual candle making, you’re gonna need some muscle anyways, so get daddy to work with you…thanks daddy we love youuuuu <3<3<3

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