The Imperfectly Perfect mom


  • I am not the perfect mom & never claim to be one.
  • I am not a super mom. I am just a mom.
  • I am full of flaws & I readily admit it.
  • I do the best with what I know & I keep learning everyday.
  • I worry about her day & night, even in my sleep.
  • I don’t let her cry. I’ve been told I’m spoiling her.
  • I hold her when she needs it; after all even big people need it sometimes.
  • I play with her a lot cause playing is fun for us both.
  • I make mistakes & feel guilty for them all the time.
  • I feel overwhelmed at times & miss having “ME” time without worrying about her.
  • I made this commitment to have a child & my life has   changed forever.
  • I get angry & frustrated as well.
  • I stay up after her bedtime so I can have some alone time.
  • I love my baby more than myself, like all mothers do.
  • I thank god everyday for this blessing & ask him to keep her safe.

To all of you who can relate, what are your perfect imperfections?


7 thoughts on “The Imperfectly Perfect mom

  1. I was told that i am way too attached to my kids and this is unhealthy! I can’t imagine my life without them, i cannot not be over attached to them, they’re the reason why I am still here 🙂 kisses to you super mommy and your super cute baby Princess Kyra ❤

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    1. This is so weird really. I can’t understand how people find it unhealthy to be too attached to their own offspring 😳 It’s the most natural thing on earth ! Thx for the comment kisses to u and ur Angels ❤️❤️❤️


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