Boarding flight ME0428 to Dubai Part 2 – My top 11 tips for traveling with a baby

Ok so I have to apologize for my previous travel post, I know, I know it lasted forever (insert embarrassed emoticon) but the good news is, this one will be super short, or at least I will try. So here are my top 11 tips for traveling with a baby (under 1 year as Kyra is not even 1 yet):


  1. Pack ahead of time: your baby might decide to stay awake all night, and if you chose the night to pack, you might end up without any luggage.
  2. If you are moving to another country, leave unpacked anything that is too small for your baby, and use these the last few days before your departure (yes even if the pants are a bit short, it’s not the end of the world)
  3. If it’s a long flight, better to take into account jet lag and plan accordingly. I try to take morning flights cause even with a 4-hour trip it takes about 8-9 hours from home to home/hotel, and it’s better to arrive sometime in the late afternoon than in the middle of the night.
  4. If you are traveling in the morning, bathe and dress your baby in comfortable clothes for the trip the night before, so you don’t have to change anything but diapers, and always dress in layers (according to the weather). If baby gets too hot or cold then you can add or remove a layer. Example: sleeveless bodysuit, t-shirt and sweater.
  5. Which brings me to diapers and diaper accidents. Pack extra diapers, and an extra complete set of clothes. Kyra would only poop once every 3 days but on our last trip she decided to poop on the plane and I hadn’t brought extra clothes. White poopy stained pant don’t look too pretty :-/
  6. Keep your hand luggage light. Try to pack your baby’s things and your personal items in one bag, even if it feels light at first, BELIEVE ME it will feel like a ton by the time your trip ends.
  7. Babywear, babywear, babywear! If you don’t know what ergonomic carriers are, check them online, there are lots of different types (It will take forever to talk about them, will discuss them in a different post), but mainly put your baby (I prefer facing you for younger babies) in any ergonomic carrier of your choice, as it will be much easier for you, and very comfortable for your baby to sleep or nurse in even. Also it will help keep your baby safe from strangers’ sneezes or coughs and keep overstimulation down to a minimum.
  8. Try to book at low season times, if there are empty seats and you get a nice person at the counter, they might block the seats next to you so that you can lay your baby down when you need to (or nurse lying down if your baby only likes to nurse this way, yup it works believe me!)
  9. Pack a couple of your baby’s favorite toys and snacks (if you have started with solids) in your purse or diaper bag. It can help keep baby calm if he/she has something to play with or snack on and you will both be more relaxed.
  10. Carry your charger with you, in the eventuality of your flight getting delayed or something going wrong (hopefully it won’t, but why take the risk).
  11. And last but not least BE POSITIVE. Don’t anticipate the worse, and even if something unexpected happens, keep in mind that it might be for the best (refer to my previous post for a perfect example of that).

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